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The API industrial laser tracker legacy continues with the latest RADIAN TM tracker series offering the smallest, lightest and most accurate portable trackers on the market allowing both faster and easier measurements. API‘s compact and rigid UNIBODY tracker design includes shaft mounted laser, motors, and encoders. The UNIBODY shaftmounted laser innovation minimizes Abbe offset errors, while also housing laser source, optics, camera and major head electronics in the center of the tracker body. The central location of all heat sources, allows rapid distribution of heat throughout the body...

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SMR MEASUREMENT API's break resistant Spherically Mounted Retroreflectors (SMR) are constructed with a one piece optic eliminating risks associated with glass panels shifting, separating or fracturing and can track over 80m with optical centering accuracy down to ± 2.5 microns offering high accuracy line of sight measurement. HANDHELD PROBING The API vProbe™ hand-held, light-weight, wireless tactile probe with easy-hold grip stylus allows the Laser Tracker to perform extended coordinate measurement functions by measuring intricate features or part characteristics out-side the line of site...

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RADIAN AUTOMATION AND CALIBRATION Integrated API 6DoF laser tracker within robotic machining, inspection, and guidance cells provide real-time adaptive control offering improved metrological performance and improved quality of manufacturing processes. Active Target™ Active TargetTM is a battery-powered self-orientating motorized 360 0 rotation SMR that locks onto the laser tracker and automatically orientates to the laser beam allowing for automated tracking and measurements of machine tools, industrial robots, or automation where a standard SMR cannot perform. CALIBRATION: API 6DoF laser...

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Manufactured in the USA, all RADIAN laser trackers are supplied with the industry's most comprehensive 2 year parts and labor warranty. API offers all-inclusive tracker calibration and maintenance contracts that can also include our loaner tracker program and advance reservation calibration program. Supported globally through subsidiary offices in Europe, China, India, and master reseller partnerships, API offers the level of support demanded by our sophisticated international customers. We are where you are. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Operating Temperature *Whichever is greater **Hot...

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Shaft Mounted Laser, Motors, and Encoders Compact Unibody Design Unibody Housed Laser Source Integrated Level-to-Gravity Sensor Integrated Controller Battery On Board - Hot Swappable API 2 Year Warranty - API offers the industry benchmark warranty on its RADIAN laser trackers and accessories for a period of 24 months on parts and labor. Full terms and conditions available upon request.

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For more than 30 years API have pioneered laser-based equipment for measurement and calibration. API founder and CEO, Dr. Kam Lau, invented the laser tracker while working at USA‘s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to allow industrial robot accuracies to be determined. API shipped the world‘s 1st Industrial laser tracker to Boeing in 1988 and subsequently delivered the world‘s 1 st 6D industrial laser tracker in 1989. API licensed its 3D laser tracker technology under a commercial agreement with Wild/Kern (now Leica) in 1 989 allowing API to concentrate efforts on 5/6D...

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TECHNICAL PERFORMANCE All specifications are calculated per the ASME B89.4.19 standard. Variation in air temperature is not included. Quoted values represent Maximum Permissible Error (MPE). In-Line Distance Measurement Horizontal Scale Bar Measurement The typical accuracy values represent expected measuring performance. In-Line Distance Measurement Horizontal Scale Bar Accuracy** *60m *Requires 80m range option 15000 JOHNS HOPKINS DRIVE, ROCKVILLE, MD, 20850, USA PHONE: 240.268.0400 • INFO@APIMETROLOGY.COM APIMETROLOGY.COM API EUROPE +49 (0) 6221-729-805-0 INFO.EU@APIMETROLOGY.COM

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