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BAC Barenatrici per blocco motore

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ALESATRICI ORIZZONTALI LINE BORING MACHINES BAC1500-2000-2500 + + The base is made of electro-welded steel to avoid structural deformations, while the precision machined surfaces and excellent universal fixtures position work pieces securely during operation. The bar rotation is made by belt drive system and pulley with 2HP motor while the feed is driven by gears and variable speed motor. Speed and feed rates have a wide range of adjustments to match the characteristics of engine block material and the size of the bores. Because of the convenient controls, the operator can keep close watch...

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Max length of block * Lunghezza max. del monoblocco Min-max boring diameter Min-max capacità di barenatura Maximum spindle travel Corsa massima del mandrino Min distance bed-centerline Distanza min banco-centro della barra Max distance bed-centerline Distanza max banco-centro della barra Variable spindle speed Velocità variabile di rotazione del mandrino Continuos automatic feed Avanzamento automatico continuo Spindle motor power Potenza motore mandrino Feed motor power Potenza motoriduttore avanzamento Machine dimension LxWxH Dimensioni macchina LxLxA Other sizes available upon request /...

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LINE BORING MACHINES ALESATRICI ORIZZONTALI Pair of arch supports with no. 2 dial gauges ^ Bridge support for boring bar 4 Toe clamp assembly (4 pieces) 6 Bridge support for alignment with dial gauge 2 Tool setting device with instrument (AZ706) 3 Engine block clamping device with bar Pair of parallel supports 230x600 mm 7 Pair of parallel supports 100x600 mm 8 Pair of parallel supports 145x400 mm 5 Coppia di supporti ad arco con n. 2 comparatori ^ Staffa a ponte per sostegno barra 4 Blocchetti di fissaggio (4 pezzi) 6 Dispositivo per allineamento barra con comparatore 2 Dispositivo...

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OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT DOTAZIONE OPZIONALE RECCOMMENDED + AZ552 Boring equipment ø28-55 mm with ø26x1300 mm chromed bar + AZ554 Boring equipment ø40-100 mm with ø38x1950 mm chromed bar + AZ552 Attrezzatura per barenare ø28-55 mm con barra ø25x1300 mm + AZ554 Attrezzatura per barenare ø40-100 mm con barra ø38x1950 mm + AZ555 Attrezzatura per barenare ø50-150 mm con barra ø45x2100mm + AZ711 Alesametro per bronzine ø35-105 mm con comparatore 1 with ø45x2100 mm chromed bar + AZ711 Inner gauge for bushing ø35-105 mm with dial gauge 1 + AZ551 Attrezzatura per barenare ø22-55 mm con barra cromata...

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Capcità di barenatura Boring range Barra per barenatura Boring bar N. Supporto bronzine N. Bearing support N. Bronzine N. Bearings N. Coni centraggio barra N. Centering cones N. Lunetta supporto barra N. Steady rest bracket Utensili per barenare Boring tools Testina di barenatura Boring head

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LINE BORING MACHINES ALESATRICI ORIZZONTALI AZ s pa v iale dell’elett ronic a 20 36016 Thiene ( VI ) I taly Marketing Dept. of AZ spa EN/IT - 20180720 AZ Copyright © 2018 No part of this document may be reproduced, copied, adapted, or transmitted in any form or by any means without express written permission from AZ spa.The informations given is based on the technical levels of our machines at the time of this brochure going to print. We reserve the right to further develop our machines technically and make name, design, technical specifications, equipment etc. modifications....

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