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VB400-500 Alesatrici spianatrici verticali

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FOR THE BIG JOBS! PER GROSSI LAVORI! They have infinitely variable spindle rotation, table traverse and boring feed. An added exclusive feature is electronic dual axis variable speed movement of the table. This allows the operator to position the workpiece with joystick controls on the control panel, dramatically reducing the effort required to center the spindle in cylinders for boring operation setup. The big VBs were designed for the Heavy Duty Diesel shop that requires greater milling and boring capacity. 22” column to centerline distance at bottom of column and 74.8” of table travel...

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Max distance between head and table Massima distanza testa tavola SPEED - VELOCITA Spindle rotation Rotazione del mandrino Head movement Avanzamento di lavoro della testa Table movement Avanzamento di lavoro della tavola MOTOR POWER - POTENZA MOTORI Spindle rotation Rotazione del mandrino Head movement (working and rapid feed) Movimento della testa (lavoro e spostamento rapido) Table movement Movimento della tavola DIMENSIONS - DIMENSIONI Lenght x Width x Height Lunghezza x Larghezza x Altezza

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VERTICAL BORING MILLING MACHINES ALESATRICI SPIANATRICI VERTICALI STANDARD EQUIPMENT DOTAZIONE STANDARD + Electric system conforming to CE standards + Safety-guard conforming to CE standards + Device for tool positioning and quick return at the end of boring + AZ532 CBN milling head with CBN inserts 400 mm dia + AZ804 Fixture for storing and loading of spindles + AZ838 Tools grinder complete with sharpening supports + AZ501.61 45° brased tool for cast iron + AZ834 Tools measuring device with instrument + 320137 Edge clamp assembly (4 pieces) + Adeguamento impianto elettrico 24 V alle...

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Advantages of CBN milling VANTAGGI DI FRESATURA CON CBN When you need to remove a specific amount of material from a workpiece CBN milling is much more precise and is extremely fast and accurate. For example you can mill 500/600 mm/min and remove a maximum of 1 mm therefore only one pass is necessary. CBN Polycrystalline Cubie Boron Nitride The toolbit is a circular solid CBN structure having multiple cutting edges. It has excellent characteristics with high thermal and mechanical shock resistance. The bit is recommended for high-speed machining on non-ferrous and ferrous materials up to...

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VERTICAL BORING MILLING MACHINES ALESATRICI SPIANATRICI VERTICALI + AZ503 Equipment for boring 80-200 mm dia + AZ504 Equipment for boring 125-320 mm dia + AZ524 Boring head 320-400 mm for AZ504 + AZ501 Equipment for boring 30-52 mm dia + AZ502 Equipment for boring 52-85 mm dia + AZ544 Boring head 80-125 mm dia for AZ502 + AZ541 Boring head 125-200 mm dia for AZ503 + AZ505 Radial head for chamfering 60-320 mm dia + AZ601 Universal V-engine fixture with 45° reference square + AZ601.02 Reference square 30°- 60° for AZ601 + AZ601.22 Reference square 45° for AZ601 + AZ609 Universal 30°-45°...

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D AZ712 DEVICE FOR DEPTH MEASURING AZ712 Dispositivo di misurazione profondità B AZ505 RADIAL HEAD FOR CHAMFERING AZ505 Testina radiale per lamatura B AZ704 INNER GAUGE 50-178 mm AZ704 Alesametro per interni 50-178 mm □    AZ705 INNER GAUGE 100-300 mm AZ705 Alesametro per interni 100-300 mm Q AZ767 CYLINDER CLAMPING SYSTEM AZ767 Supporto cilindri alettati e fissaggio camicie □    AZ789 XYZ AXIS DIGITAL READOUT AZ789 Visualizzatore di quota a 3 assi XYZ Code Codice AZ508    AZ504    AZ503    AZ502    AZ501AZ518 Boring head    AZ519 Testina per alesatura Tool Utensile

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AZspa via dell’elettronica 20 36016 Thiene (VI) ITALY T +39 0445 575543 F +39 0445 575756 info@azspa.it /: Marketing Dept. of AZ spa EN/IT - 20180104 AZ Copyright © 2017 No part of this document may be reproduced, copied, adapted, or transmitted in any form or by any means without express written per-mission from AZ spa.The informations given is based on the technical levels of our machine at the time of this brochure going to print. We reserve the right to further develop our machines technically and make name, design, technical specifications, equipment etc. modifications. AZ Copyright ©...

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